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About EM Performance

EM Performance started with the goal to improve the productivity of individual Emergency Physicians.  More than 20 years ago I noticed a stark difference between average performing Emergency physicians, and high performers.   Years later I continue to see those differences.  More often than not, these differences are not clear to those working.

Many wonder why some people are fast and others are not.  At national conferences experts even profess that a person’s speed is set by the time they finish training.  Is that what you believe?  That we are stuck in our ways and can’t improve or learn any new skills after training?

Our field has evolved dramatically since it’s inception, with numerous examples proving we can in fact adapt and improve.

At EM Performance we refuse to believe the dogma that you cannot improve your individual productivity.  Often times, people just need to be shown a path.  At EM Performance, we’ve developed a systematic approach to individual improvement that can be implemented right away.

Using real world experience, not academic theory, EM performance helps individuals in the emergency department stop scratching their head, wondering where to start or how to get faster.

If you’re set in your ways, content with where you are currently, then EM Performance is not for you.  But if you’re serious about taking the next step, contact us today and start learning techniques you can apply immediately.

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